Monday, April 29, 2013

May# Spring challenge

15 Days of challenge# May 

spring challenge

join the challenge 

day 1:junk drawer
day 2: TV  stand and drawers
day 3: kitchen cabinet
day 4:linen closet
day 5:under kitchen sink
day 6: my closet
day 7:hubby closet
day 8:kid closet
day 8: medical reports and medicine organization
day 9: deep cleaning of bathrooms
day 10: the freezer
day 11: oven and microwave oven
day 12: prayer Room
day 13: extra things organization
day 14: photo frames
day 15: renew recipe binder add new recipes to it

It's a spring season and that  comes with the need to organize, clean and maintain    home sweet home

I Will be posting on daily organization of 15 days.The list is mentioned above. Create your own list according to

Your home and time. Time management is one of the most important part in organizing home sweet home
I will daily update may cleaning schedule
on daily routine as well as this challenge

Monday menu planning too.....weekly cleaning planweekly menu planand much more 

I will also attach free printable to all post according to the post . 
You can download this from my blog and make your own.
and after doing that you can email me about your organizing ideas and pictures then I will post it in my blog

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