Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 1 Introduction

Hello friends this is November challenge of the month
So just 31 days a day and keep your chaos away
Take one Task a day keep chaos away
Today is the first day of home organization means 31 days of organization
This is the Introduction part of my challenge that Is
In this chapter or project we will learn the basics and simple tips in creating planning and organizing home
Home is where we live and make it as beautiful as we can. It is our duty to organize and manage home
So by applying these tips and tricks your Home will become Home sweet home
I have divided my home organizing into different parts
I love to clean, organize and decorate my home
Basics of organizing
There are mostly 6 steps in organizing and planning a home sweet home
Make a  schedule : The very first step in this series is to make your own schedule

Set aside a regular short period of time each week for the family to straighten up the house. It teaches good habits to the kids and gives the family a project to do together. Everyone will feel better when the job is done, and might just look forward to the day when they know things are going to be neat and organized.
I am a big fan of fly lady daily morning and night musings
I apply it to me and it worked well
So divide your daily morning and before bed time according to your situations
After reading article of morning and bed time routine I divided mine
Morning routine
1.       Wake up  on fixed time and brush my hair and teeth
2.       Drink water
3.       Prepare lunch box for  DH  and tea and breakfast for me
4.       Wash dishes and had a cup of tea
5.       Clean bathroom and bathroom counters daily
6.       Make beds
7.       Had bath and prayer time for me and DD
8.       Clean breakfast dishes and kitchen counters and mop the kitchen floor
9.       Blogging time
10.    One project at a time
11.    15 minutes of loving exercise and music
What’s for dinner?
Drink your water.

Bed time routines
1.       Shine the kitchen sink
2.       Prepare for next day lunch chopping vegetables and boxes on the floor
3.       Dinner
4.       Wash your face brush your teeth and make your hair and wear your night pajama’s
5.       Reading time
6.       Go to bed on decent time
2.       Best way to tackle Cleaning
1.     Always start at the top of the room and work your way down.
2.     Always clean top to bottom. When you dust, start at the top and work down.
3.     Clean as you go! It takes a lot less time to remove new dirt than old, and to clean and put away stuff as you use it, than to clean and store the pile-up you can accumulate.
4.     Prioritize, if your time is limited decided what is most important.
5.     Delegate, get the entire family involved.
6.     Make a checklist, when a job is completed, check it off - you'll feel as though you are really accomplishing something.
7.     Keep a basket in the kitchen for the mail, newspaper, car keys to help with clutter.
8.     A house that smells fresh will give the impression of cleanliness. Leave baking soda on carpeting for the night to absorb musty odors, vacuum in the morning.
9.     Dip a 100% cotton cleaning cloth in your solution. Wring out the excess and then wipe the window to loosen dirt.
10. Don't clean windows while they are in direct sunlight. Your cleaning solution will dry too fast.

3.      Dusting Tip

Choose Good Tools
There are a ton of dusting products on the market, but each one has its own set of pros and cons. Use the right dusting tool for your jobs. Microfiber cloths work well because they trap even tiny particles of dust. Lambswool and electrostatic dusters are popular for this same reason. Many people prefer to use their vacuum cleaner to dust since all the particles get sucked away into the vacuum cleaner.


4.     Newspaper

Before you toss out (or better, recycle) your newspaper, use it to get rid of some garbage grime. Cover the bottom of your trashcan with old newspapers to soak up leaks and odors.

These are several tips which I have taken from various articles and apply on me and then I am sharing it with you in this one article
Thanks for reading my article waiting for your comments

With love

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