Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey Friends I am back with new ideas
sorry I haven't been posting by past few days little bit busy with my little angel and organizing my home sweet home.
 But I am back with new ideas and projects to share with u my dear friends
My new project is  31 days of organizing home sweet home

Here is a list of things or tasks operated in these 31 days of organizing
Day 1: Introduction or Basics of organizing skills
Day 2: Kitchen drawers
Day 3:Bathroom organization and deep cleaning
Day 4:Master bedroom deep cleaning and decorating and organizing
Day 5:Master bedroom closet :Me
Day 6:Master Bedroom closet DH
Day 7:Master Bedroom Linen closet
Day 8:Kitchen cabinet 1
Day 9: Kitchen cabinet 2
Day 10 :Kitchen cabinet 3
Day 11:Kitchen cabinet 4
Day 12: Kitchen cabinet 5
Day 13:Kitchen cabinet 6
Day 14: Deep Fridge Cleaning
Day 15:Deep microwave and dish washer cleaning
Day 16 Rest day and make weekly and monthly grocery planning and list.
Day 17 Deep cleaning of living room area and all glasses and table and tv stand and decorate the whole living area
Day 18 medicine and extra storage cabinet cleaning
Day 19 Pantry organization
Day 20 Prayer cabinet cleaning
Day 21: DH Room organization and deep cleaning
Day 22. paper clutter or organization
Day 23 Make up and accessories organization
Day 24:Monthly menu planning
Day 25 Fan light and switches cleaning
Day 26 Door cleaning
Day 27 Kitchen under the sink organization
Day 28 Bathroom under the sink organization
Day 29 Labeling
Day 30 Deep vacuuming and car cleaning and garage cleaning(If you have your garage as I am living in apartment so I don't I have garage.So I will not be able to post on this topic but you can add it to your list of organizing a garage)
Day 31
Link up part coming soon of organizing home in 30 days

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