Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Organizing :Kitchen drawers Day 1

15 Days of organizing


Organizing kitchen drawer 

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First I empty out my drawers on a counter.

I have all sorts of thing in here

- gum, ,labels,, pencil sharpener, tools, post it notes, etc..

Next I required is containers and dividers and kitchen racks

Set aside one drawer of junk

Set aside one drawer for junk. That's right -- most organization experts agree that you can and should have a junk drawer! "There are always doodads in every home that nobody knows where to store," 

There was a great article I read on internet:

by All Things Home Organizing™ by Gayle Grace

I use drawer dividers and then group like items together to create this organized
cooking spatula etc - cooking samaan holding and picking up samaan organizer
obtain organizers at container store or Ikea.
I use drawer dividers and then group like items together to create this organized utensil drawer.
Drawer organizers - The Container Store or Ikea
lay everything in the drawer, take a pic with phone, measure inside of drawer head to Ikea or The container store for organizers
I like snap together organizers as they are easy to re-arrange.
Drawer organizers built in or added
This is the size organizer that I need
The drawer dividers sort items neatly and everything is easy to find.
Much better organization that I think I will do to my kitchen draws this winter. Updating the kitchen, that is my winter project.

Must read it this article .it was awesome article on organizing.............................I tried it 
and had fun organizing

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