Friday, May 3, 2013

Day #3 CHALLENGE The Kitchen cabinet

The Kitchen cabinet
Day #3 challenge
Again a great challenge in organizing Home sweet Home

Kitchen organization, according to Lisa Zaslow of Gotham Organizers in New York City, is one of the more manageable tasks in organizing a home. “Think about it,” says Lisa, “no one ever lays down a fork in the cupboard; it goes in the utensil drawer.” Kitchens do offer a lot of ready-made organization: frozen items go in the freezer, pans go with pans, and knives go with knives.

5 ways to organize your kitchen cabinets

1.. Create a kitchen storage space inside your home, but outside the kitchen.

Source(Ameriwood Pantry/Storage Cabinet -

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2. Keep your shopping list on a Freeze

Keep a clipboard and pen attached to the fridge to jot down things you need as you are working in the kitchen: de cluttering, tidying, and doing the dishes, cooking. This helps everyone in your household know exactly where the list is at all times, which means no one will tell you in passing "I need this."
    3. Store pans, baking sheets and cutting boards on their sides.

    4.Store seasonal and specialty items in your kitchen storage space.
     Declutter the kitchen twice a week.

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